ESI Systems

Why ESI? Because of its Sole Focus on Telecom Technology.

Who we are.

Our mission and objectives allow us to design, produce, and upgrade new and existing telephone systems more efficiently and cost-effectively. In turn, we have developed the most user-friendly and easily administered phone system out there!

Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI) designs and markets digital and IP business communication systems.

Progressive vision, leading edge technology, legendary reliability, and outstanding products define ESI. Since its inception in 1987, ESI – a privately held corporation based in Plano, Texas- has enjoyed growth and uninterrupted profitability.

What we do.

We were the first company to:

  • Build a truly combined telephone system and voicemail system
  • Build a purely IP-based business communications system

We are known for:

  • Supporting unique, real-world business applications for our phone systems with practical and effective features.
  • Our 5-Year Extended Warranty on all new telephone equipment — Protection for your investment!

How we accomplish what we do:

  • Utilizing digital signal processors (DSPs)
  • Innovative system software
  • Product reliability



See what makes ESI such an amazing company!

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