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Go Green, Save Green, Be Happy.

When you hear the term “Go Green” many different things come to mind.  You may think of things like solar panels and windmills, or perhaps hybrid vehicles and organic foods.  Often there are ways to conserve energy and save money around your home or office that have little to no cost, and these conservative methods can pay off huge in the end.

Think of your office’s computer network.  The average desktop computer costs about $11.00 a month to power around the clock, 24/7.  What if you turned that computer off when you left every Friday?  Just turning off one computer each weekend saves an average of $3.00 per month on electricity.  How many computers do you have in your office? 10? 20? Even more?  You can see how quickly the savings can add up.  A small office with 15 computers can save around $45 a month, or $540 a year.

You want to leave your computer on during the week though. Updates, maintenance, virus scans, and other important background tasks run during the weeknights.

Try this out for a month with a handful of computers and you’ll be sure to see a difference.

Go Green, Save Green, Everyone is Happy.


By George Davis, Senior Network Engineer


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Keeping Cool is a Hot Topic in IT Spaces

People often overlook temperature control for their IT equipment and only implement a solution after heat-related performance problems or failures occur.

You must carefully consider small, confined spaces where your IT equipment and UPS systems are deployed. High temperatures have a huge impact on the lifespan of IT equipment and more so on that of battery backup units.  Did you know that a UPS battery running at 104°F is likely to last only 1 to 1.5 years?  That is less than half of the expected lifespan of 3-5 years.

The problem that most companies face is they think of cooling more in terms of cold air supply than of hot air removal.  Not every company needs a dedicated air conditioning unit for their IT closet; there are better ways to stay cool rather than keeping the door to your noisy server room wide open.

Liberty Technology Solutions offers an array of IT services along with its team of readily available IT professionals to ensure you are getting the most out of your technology.


By George Davis, Senior Network Engineer

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