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Liberty Technology Solutions Launches Partnership with Star2Star Communication

Liberty Technology Solutions Launches Partnership with Star2Star Communication

Company Named the Philadelphia Region’s Authorized Dealer of the World’s Most Reliable Business Grade Phone System

MOORESTOWN, NJ — May 20, 2011 — Liberty Technology Solutions, a regional leader in business communications, announced today that the company has officially been named the Philadelphia region’s Authorized Dealer for Sarasota, FL based Star2Star Communications.

Star2Star, who brands itself as The World’s Most Reliable Business Grade Phone System, is at the forefront of the IP telephony revolution. Star2Star provides a business-class, reliable Internet (or Voice Over IP) phone solution through a unique end-to-end architecture in which Star2Star monitors and manages all aspects of the desktop phones, voice prioritization, call routing, disaster recovery, network and call quality.

Liberty, who was courted by Star2Star when they were in the process of looking for a reliable Hosted-IP Telephone product to offer, was more than impressed with the Star2Star product. Liberty’s President & CEO, Gerry Gordon, had this to say of the Star2Star partnership, “We were product testing several Hosted-IP products, and were having trouble settling on an offering as many Hosted products on the market are unreliable at best, but then we found Star2Star.” Gordon continued, “Star2Star is, and this sounds kind of crazy, a Premise Based Hosted-IP Telephone System, meaning it is not just a more reliable alternative to hosted phone systems, but a real game changer for Liberty and is opening the door on many
new business opportunities.”

Being the world’s first Premise Based Hosted-IP Telephone System, Star2Star is a game changer indeed. Because the telephony is Internet-based and the call routing features are available as part of the service, the capital investment is typically reduced for most organizations. Rather than over-subscribing phone lines at each business location to ensure availability, the service creates a “pool” of virtual lines which can reduce the total quantity of lines required in a multi-site network. The “bursting” capability of the Star2Star virtual lines also prevents busy signals.

The “pooling” and “bursting” of lines are just two of the many benefits of the Star2Star product, Liberty’s Sales Manager, Chad Muckenfuss elaborates, “The product is just so flexible and powerful, and the savings are incredible for even the average customer.” Muckenfuss went on to explain the solutions flexibility for multi-site locations, “[And] customers who have more than one site really see the savings as they are not required to house countless telephone lines at each location, but sharing telephone lines between all their locations, I have customers who have saved thousands of dollars a month on this feature alone.”

Cost savings and reliability are certainly keystones of the Liberty’s Star2Star offering, but day-today calling and functionality is also handled flawlessly. In response to end-user functionality Gerry Gordon had this to say, “Customers who have worked with traditional PBX type systems for many years often loose some of that comfort and ease-of-use when migrating to an IP system, but such is not the case with Star2Star.” Continuing Gordon added “The desktop phones are great, with Star2Star we offer both Cisco and Polycom phones, and Star2Star’s StarScope computer desktop software enhances user functionality with the simple click of a mouse.”

Functionality, ease-of-use, cost savings, Cisco phones; Star2Star seems to have it all, and Liberty Technology Solutions is excited to bring the product to the Philadelphia market. Liberty Sales Manager, Chad Muckenfuss, concluded, “It’s such a unique product and with Liberty being named the Philadelphia region’s first area dealer it is extremely exciting to bring this product to market, showing customers and potential customers alike that your run-of-the-mill hosted system is not the answer if your looking for true cost savings, reliability, and functionality.”


Liberty Technology Solutions is a leading telecommunications and IT provider in the Delaware Valley. With a service philosophy that places the customer first, Liberty offers industry leading products installed by factory certified technicians. Liberty ensures customer satisfaction by being price competitive and offering quality advice reinforced by product training and around the clock 24/7 customer support. For more information on Liberty Technology Solutions visit or call 856.762.1222 (NJ) or 215.875.1222 (PA).


Founded in 2006, Sarasota, Florida – based Star2Star Communications is re-inventing the phone company for the Internet age. Star2Star’s unique technology provides users with innovative features that increase productivity while decreasing monthly communications costs. Star2Star products are sold through a diversified international network comprising master distributors, master agents, wholesale distribution partners and individual certified installing dealers. For more information Star2Star Communications call 941.234.0001 or visit

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