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Liberty Technology Solutions Launches Partnership with Zultys, Inc.

Liberty Technology Solutions Launches Partnership with Zultys, Inc.

Local Businesses to Benefit from the most Technologically Advanced IP Telephone System in the Communications Industry

MOORESTOWN, NJ — May 29, 2009 — Liberty Technology Solutions, a regional leader in business communications, announced today that the company has officially launched a partnership with Zultys, Inc.

Zultys is a technologically-advanced corporation based in Sunnyvale, CA that offers a complete VoiceOver IP (VoIP) solution. Gerry Gordon, president of Liberty Technology Solutions, had this to say about the Zultys product, “Zultys has raised the bar to an all time level. This product can do anything and everything imaginable, and Liberty is excited to offer the future of telephony to our customers today.”

The Zultys product integrates with Mac, PC and LINUX applications, allowing users to control their telephone, listen to voice mail, and fax from their desktop. Utilizing new communications technologies such as Telephone Binding, Zultys users can receive calls at their desktop, cell phones, and home telephones simultaneously.

The product also eliminates the need for multiple servers for fax, voicemail and phone systems. “Since 2001, Zultys has been producing phone systems designed with consolidation efficiency in mind,” explains Zutys’ VP of North American Sales, Pierre Kerbage. “Not only is the rack method [of using separate systems for faxing, voicemail and phones] inefficient, but it’s also expensive. It produces more heat, uses more energy and is more difficult to manage.” Zultys continues to expand their consolidated system and will introduce a video integration application shortly.

With clients such as Coldwell Banker, American Express,, and Allstate, Zultys has become a leader in the VOIP industry. The company has won numerous awards, including the 2008 TMC Unified Communication Product of the Year Award and the 2009 TMC Next Generation Network Leadership Award.

In preparation of the Zultys launch, Liberty Technology Solutions’ team was fully trained on all aspects of the Zultys product. Liberty’s project manager, Brian Davis, added “Before you can just start selling and installing a new product a lot of work needs to be done behind the scenes. Our technical staff needed to be trained and certified on the product, and ultimately we needed to test the product in real-life applications. We have been beta testing the product for months, and I am excited to say that we are more than prepared to start selling the Zultys line.”

“Liberty is poised to do well in the VoIP industry,” said Kerbage of the partnership with Liberty Communications. “They have the right technical infrastructure in place to be successful with the product and the right sales support to be able to show end users how to be more productive in their workplace using Zultys.”

Liberty is already beginning to take orders on the product as customers were anticipating a VOIP telephone system that would truly meet all of their needs. When discussing the product, senior sales executive Tom Laverty noted, “The sales team is really excited to start selling the Zultys product. As IP technology has become more advanced and more prevalent over the past couple of years, we have struggled to have an IP solution that really works, but now with Zultys, if you are even considering VOIP for your office, you need to entertain Liberty Communications and the Zultys product.”

“The partnership between Liberty Technology Solutions and Zultys has a very bright future,” Gerry Gordon explains. “We don’t bring on just any product to offer our customers, we make a very thought out, conscious decision on what products we choose to offer, and after researching countless VOIP products and months of working with the Zultys team, I am certain that this is the most innovative product on the market offered by a manufacturer with a great track record and a real eye on the future of our industry.”


Liberty Technology Solutions is a leading telecommunications provider in the Delaware Valley. With a service philosophy that places the customer first, Liberty offers industry leading products installed by factory certified technicians. Liberty ensures customer satisfaction by being price competitive and offering quality advice reinforced by product training and around the clock 24/7 customer support. For more information on Liberty Technology Solutions call 856.762.1222 or visit


Zultys, Inc. develops products that enable companies and organizations in over 110 countries and 19 languages to deploy integrated communications systems. Please visit for additional information.

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